Introduction to Programming

An Introduction to Programming & Data Science

COMP110 is UNC Chapel Hill’s Introduction to Programming course with a thematic emphasis on the applications of computation in Data Science. The course is taught by Professor Kris Jordan and an incredible team of 45 teaching assistants.

No prior programming experience is needed!

The course is taught remotely due to the need for social distancing during the pandemic. A silver lining in this new constraint is it revealed a new opportunity: for the first time, COMP110 lectures will stream live, freely and publicly available. Subscribe on YouTube to follow along. Additionally, we’re opening access to prerecorded lessons, slides, and lab tutorials. Any resident of North Carolina, or beyond, interested in learning computer programming in the context of data science is welcomed to join us on this journey via the Public Access area of this site.

For the UNC undergraduates officially enrolled in COMP110, we are so excited to have you on this magical tour of the foundational concepts and powerful applications of programming and data science in computer science. As an enrolled student, you will have exclusive access to many forms of support to help you succeed, including: one-on-one “walk-in” remote office hours available over 40 hours a week, small group tutoring, and review sessions led by our amazing teaching assistant team. Continue on to the Enrolled UNC Student to access the course itinerary and resources.

Learning to code is challenging, but it’s also deeply rewarding. We hope you’ll join us on this new adventure. Onward!