Style, Linting and Autograder Guide

General Layout Guidelines

  1. Make sure to include a file Docstring and author variable.
    • A Docstring should be surrounded by triple quotes, have no spaces on at the beginning and end, and end in punctuation.
    • An author variable should have two underscores (a dunderscore) on either side of author and be equal to your PID in String format.
  2. Named constants follow the Docstring and author variable. They should be all capitalized and already initialized. You can review the purpose of named constants here.
  3. Every function and class should have it’s own Docstring as the first line. There should also be two newlines of space in between each function or class.
    • Every function must be declared with a unique name, it’s parameters and a return type.
    • Note that add_one returns an int and therefore must have a return statment. However print_word returns None and therefore a return statement is not required.