Public Access

The course is taught remotely at UNC Chapel Hill due to the need for social distancing during the pandemic. A silver lining in this new constraint is it revealed a new opportunity: for the first time, COMP110 lectures will stream live, freely and publicly available. Subscribe on YouTube to follow along. Additionally, we’ll open access to prerecorded lessons, slides, and lab tutorials. Any resident of North Carolina, or beyond, interested in learning computer programming in the context of data science is welcomed to join us on from this Public Access area of the site.

Due to resourcing constraints, we cannot currently afford to offer any technical support or office hours to the general public this semester. If you would be interested in sponsoring this program to better serve the general public with a tax-deductable donation, please e-mail Professor Kris Jordan. We also cannot offer any kind of official course credit for following along without being an enrolled student at UNC. Despite these limitations, we believe these resources are a fantastic introduction to programming and you will find value in the content if you do not otherwise have access to computer science courses in your area!